Pipeline Utility Inspection Company 

This article provides you about pipeline utility inspection company services. These services includes:

Un-buried and Buried Pipeline Welding Inspection

Un-buried Pipeline field Paint Inspection

Buried Pipeline Coating Inspection

3 Layers PE Line Pipe Inspection

Our inspection services cover both of new construction and in-service inspection. The welding inspection are done by certified CWI inspectors and coating inspection are done by certified NACE inspectors. 

We cover both long term and short term assignments. We have strong network of certified inspector that enable us to quote for your enquiry in a shortest time.

We provide our services based on requirement of ASME B31.4 standard for pipeline transportation systems for liquid hydrocarbons and other liquids and ASME B31.8 standard for gas transmission and distribution piping systems. All referenced codes and regulatory requirements in both standards also are considered in our inspection activities. 

Summery of Pipeline Inspection Activity  (New Pipeline Project)

1. General

Documentation control i.e. Receiving Material Check, Material Certificate Control, WPS, PQR, WPQ, NDT Operator Certificate, Calibration Certificate Control

2. Welding

Material Identification Control before Fit Up, Inspection of Pipeline String, Monitoring of Welding, Visual Welding Inspection, Control of Valves and Accessories, PWHT (If Any), NDT

3. Shrinkage Sleeve (Coating of Seam Welds)

Surface Preparation, Monitoring of Coating Implementation, Holiday Test

4. Channel Delivery

Surveying Check, Visual Inspection of Regulating, Padding of Back Filling Check

5. Final Inspection

Peak Cleaning Check, Peak Gauging, Hydrostatic Test, Air Blowing, Connection to Tie In

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