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Inspection for Industry Newsletter , Issue #001 -- Important Update
July 18, 2012

This is the first inspection-for-industry newsletter. I appreciate for your subscription, and for you kind attention.

I want to let you know for site current status, new articles and anything which I feel you need to know.

Table of Content

  • Site Basic Information
  • Site Blog URL Changing and Apologizing from RSS Subscribers
  • Site Monetization News
  • Using from Social Media in the Site
  • Question from Editor
  • New Articles
  • Need your Kind Support

Site Basic Information

The site started almost 6 months ago, currently there is 110 pages in the website and with average of 472 visitors per day and also average of 1095 pages visit per day.

Site Blog URL Changing and Apologizing from RSS Subscribers

The site contains an internal Blog, the name was changed for some reason, so the subscribers to the RSS feed can not see the new posts in the blog and will not be aware for new articles.

If you already subscribed in the site RSS feed, then accept my apologize, and what you need to do, is copy the current RSS feed from the site left column and past to your RSS reader.

Site Monetization News

I have not monetized this site yet, during the last 6 months I hardly worked to write and upload the articles.

I have received some inquires from site visitors for vendor inspection and etc, I am under process to sign associate partner contract to provide this services but still is under negotiation.

I will inform you immediately as I monetized the site for third party inspection, preshipment inspection and plant inspection services.

Using Social Media in the Site

If you visit now, you can see in the right column the site have link to own Facebook page, Twitter and Google Plus.

So you can also follow the site in this social medias and contribute with new posts,comments, questions, tips and reviews.

In the top of left column there is Facebook like button, it is also available in end of each articles, kindly request you click on the like button if you feel the content of the article is useful.

It will help the site credibility and also helps the site ranking in Google and other search engines, so then others can find this site and use the content.

There are Facebook comment box in end of each content, writing your comments is very important to me, it will help me to consider your points and ideas in new generated articles as well as modifying the article which you commented.

Question from Editor

Some of site visitors sent e-mail to me through contact page in the site.

I apologize if you are from those that I have not responded yet, in last two months I hardly worked to complete basic things in the website.

I will respond all e-mail very soon, I receive lots of technical questions, answering to all of them really is not possible.

so if you want to ask technical question, request you ask them through site Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages, then other site followers also can assist to answer your questions.

New Articles

In last 2 months almost 50 articles uploaded most of them are about shop or vendor inspection, I can say you can find my standard inspection and test plan and also third party inspection guideline for most of equipment.

I divided them in 3 parts as Fix Equipment, Rotary Equipment and Electrical equipment and I linked them together.

when you go to each inspection and test plan there is PDF file which you can download from the site.

I only provide two important links here for you to review these articles:

Go to following link and find your interested equipment and review third party inspection guideline:

Third Party Inspection

and for inspection and test plans click in following link scroll down, find your interested equipment and then you will access to the standard inspection and test plan for your interested equipment.

Inspection and Test Plan

Need your Kind Support

If you believe this site is useful and informative so kindly ask you support me to improve it.

Your best support is commenting in the Facebook comment box in end of each article inside of site;

and joining to the site social media pages by posting and commenting in the website Facebook page, Twitter Page and Google Plus page.

Following social media pages created recently and need your contribution!

Inspection for Industry Facebook Page Link

Inspection for Industry Twitter Page Google Plus Page

Best Regards


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