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The DC Power Pump articles provides  guidance and review about different types, qualities, durabilities, and prices. These pumps that use direct current for the motor actuation. The motor is powered by the external power sources such as the battery, solar power, etc., and move the fluid in the desired way. 

These pumps operate with power inputs that range from 6V, 12V, 24V or 32V of DC power supply. Solar powered pumps are also DC powered pumps. They use a renewable form of energy, and they get from the sun rays through photovoltaic panels.  

Solar power is the energy sources of future due to their abundance and environment-friendly nature. Solar powered pumps will play a significant role in various applications in future.

DC Power Pump Specification

DC power pump is usually described with the following three specifications namely speed, torque, and voltage. Now let us have look at them briefly.

Speed - DC motor rotates the shaft in a certain speed known as rotational speed. Usually, no-load speed is denoted for the specifications. No-load speed refers the maximum speed of the motor can attain when no torque is given.

This speed is measured in revolutions per minute(rpm) and can also be converted into radians per second(rad/s). For smooth and uninterrupted operation, Dc motor is advised to run at 70-80% of the no-load speed.

Torque – the rotational force generated due to the rotation of the shaft. Torque determines the maximum load; a motor can handle. Torque is described in force-distance units such as Nm. Torque is directly proportional to current. (i.e.) more power produces more torque and vice-versa.

Voltage –Motors are designed to operate at the specified voltage. The voltages may be rated from 6V, 12V, 24V or 32V for DC motors. Voltage is used to determine the rated speed of the motor. And it is specified in Volts (V).


Let us look at the things to be considered while selecting a DC power pump in the following points.

Pumping rate – the amount of water to be pumped by the DC power pump. It is expressed in terms of Gallons per minute(GPM).

Head – the effective distance through which the water has to be pumped out. Frictional losses must also be taken into consideration while the calculating head. It Is expressed in terms of the length as meter or feet.

Shaft Configuration - Shaft determines the motor mounting and connection with the power sources. The shaft can be of different configurations like round, squared, splined, grooved, stepped and screw types.

Gears - they are used to increase or decrease the motor speed. Gears reduce the motor weight considerably. We have to consider the type of gears to be selected such as the bevel, worm, screw, spur or planetary gears.

Environmental conditions –We have to assess the environmental conditions at the pump installation zone. Operation conditions such as temperature, pressure, corrosion resistance and water proof ability must be checked.


  • More economical due to the use of the alternative sources of power such as solar power.
  • Portable and smaller in sizes.
  • Simpler operation and speed control methods.
  • Less operational and maintenance costs.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • High efficiency


  • Short lifespan
  • Operate at low speeds and suits low flow requirement only.


DC Power Pump

Water pumping – These pumps are used to pump the water for the drinking purposes, livestock management, and irrigation purposes. Solar powered pumps are used for small-scale irrigation purposes.

These pumps are used in some remote areas for pumping water for drinking purposes in India. Typically, a 5HP solar pump a deliver around 125000 liters of water daily for the dynamic head of 70 meters. Solar powered pumps are used extensively in hot areas like India where we get the solar power from the sun for most parts of the day.

Oil & gas industries – Solar powered electric pumps are used to inject the chemicals during the extraction processes such as the fracking. Usage of solar powered pumps reduces the emission of the greenhouse gases.

Solar powered pumps are also used to operate in the remote locations where there is no power supply. Their operation is monitored remotely in our computers.

Swimming pools -water can be pumped into the swimming pool to maintain the pH range, chlorine rate, and the water quality.


DC powered pumps are manufactured mainly by the following companies such as Kiwi Pumps, Sun pumps, Advanced power Inc., Ampco Pumps, Shakti Pumps, MWI Corporation and Apex Pumps. Mostly DC power pumps are solar pumps except for some small sized pumps which operate with the battery power.

The demand for these pumps is increasing with increase in our search to use the environment-friendly and alternate source of power. Small DC pumps used in the swimming pool cost 100-150$. A centrifugal multi-stage solar pump costs around 2000$. The price varies depending upon the need, operation, and the power requirement.

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