Deep Well Jet Pump Guides and Reviews

The Deep Well Jet Pump articles provides  guidance and review about different types, qualities, durabilities, and prices. This pump is used to draw water from the deep wells in the ground. Deep wells are the excavated structures created to access the groundwater. They are mostly created by the drilling process. 

These type of pumps are predominantly found in the rural areas where there is no access to the water. They can pump out water with a suction lift of about 22 feet to about 120 feet. A deep well jet pump uses the principles of the centrifugal pump and the injector nozzle combined to deliver the water required for our needs.

Mostly deep well jet pumps are used to pump the water out for domestic needs. They are also called as the deep well water pump.

Deep Well Jet Pump Working Process

In deep well jet pumps, the pumps are connected to the long pipelines which go deep into the ground. These pipelines are connected to the impeller. Once the motor is powered by the external power source, the impeller vane rotates and creates a vacuum.

This vacuum pressure sucks the water into the pump. And the water fills the entire pipelines and impeller region of the pumps. Now the water comes out the exit region of the impeller is collected separately in a storage tank. The stored water can be used for our domestic purposes. 

Submersible pumps are kept deep inside the wells and are used to suck water. But they are tough to maintain as they are not easily accessible. A foot valve has to be placed at the suction end of the pump to avoid the backflow of the water into the deep wells.

Usually, deep water jet pump is connected with the pressure tank to even out the water pressure. It is also used to turn on/off the pump based on the requirement. When we use the water from the storage tank water level decreases. This leads to pressure drop and turns on the pump to pump out the water.


  • Can be placed at a distance from the water source.
  • Long life time
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be adjusted to pump the water from varying suction heads
  • Inexpensive.
  • Less maintenance and relatively inexpensive


  •  Abrasives in well such as the sand can cause damage to the impeller & casing.
  • For higher suction heads, the submersible pumps can only be used.
  • They require priming if the water level falls below the foot valve in the suction line.

Selection Factors

We have to consider a lot of factors while selecting a deep water jet pump for the effective functioning of the pump and let us have a look at them here.

Water depth – we need to find the depth of the water to decide the pump suction head and power requirements. This can be easily measured by connecting a floater to the string and sending it inside the well until the floater floats. And by measuring the length of the rope, we can find the depth of water to be pumped out.

Type of pump -Depending upon the depth from which water is to be pumped out,  we have to choose the type of the pump as follows.

  • For depths up to 25 feet, we can use a shallow water pump or small water pump
  • For depths from 25 feet to till 120 feet, we can use deep water pump or high powered water pump.
  • For depths above 150 feet till 400 feet, we can use a submersible deep water pump.

Capacity – we have to determine the water capacity required for our homes. Now according to the water requirement, the pump flow rate and capacity of the pump is selected. They are usually measured in Gallons per minute(GPM). A 2 BHK home requires about 6-8 GPM of water for daily operation.

Power – Based on the suction head and capacity of water required we need to choose the motor power of the pump. The more the power, the more would be suction head possible and more capacity of water can also be pumped out. A typical 1 HP pump can pump out around 8-10 gallons of water for the 2 BHK home and serve about 4-5 people.


Deep well jet pumps are manufactured by companies such as Flotec Pumps, Kirloskar, C.R.I. Pumps, Grunfos Inc., Conmaco Pumps, etc. T

heir price depends on the requirement and capacity. They can be purchased directly from the dealer through online purchase or also through sites such as eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress, etc. Their price ranges from 200$ to about 1500$ for home & domestic purposes.

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