Electric Air Pump Guides and Reviews

The electric air pump articles provides guidance and review about different types, qualities, durabilities, and prices. The electric air pump is a pump that pumps air with the use of the electric power input. Electric power is used to rotate the impeller to suck the air into the pump. Air pumps are used to push the air inside the chamber mostly.

These pumps are used for inflating purposes, aerating water aquariums, ponds, and vacuum cleaners. They operate in a relatively low-pressure environment. And air flow is a continuous operation in the air pump. The electric air pump is a free-flowing pump with minimal or no backpressure.

Electric Air Pump Working Process

Electric air pumps operate in the same way as the other pumps but are powered only by the electrical power source. They can operate with the impeller blades, vanes or diaphragm pump design. The electrical power is used to create a vacuum suction inside the pump so that air in the atmosphere is sucked in.

The air is compressed and pushed into the required chamber such as balloons, tires, aerators etc. The electrical power can be given by the direct electrical power supply or DC power supply with the batteries.

These pumps are usually fitted with the pressure gauges and automatic on/off switches. The pressure gauge helps us to determine the pressure in the chamber and gives the feedback signal to the controller. Once attaining the required pressure condition, feedback signal turns off the air pump through a controller.


 Now let us look at the various factors to be considered while selecting an electric air pump.

Type of operation – We should decide whether we are going to a manually operated pump or an automatically operated pump. Manual operated pumps are less expensive but require human presence for operation. Automatic pumps operate without human intervention but are expensive compared to the manual pumps. Automatic pumps work for many hours with ease and no labor work.

Power requirement – we must consider the power requirement of the pump. If they are fixed in one place, they are electrically powered. Portable pumps are powered by batteries and are rated in the voltage ranges of 12V or 24V. Battery powered pumps must be powered suitably to last long enough to complete the pumping process.

Nozzle – Pumps come with replaceable hose pipes which can be interchanged with the nozzles as per our requirement. Some pumps may come with a fixed nozzle which cannot be changed. We need to choose a right pump fitting required for our operation.

Flow rate – we need to choose a pump with the right flow rate for our operation. For a faster operation such as inflating tires, blowing a parachutes balloon we need a pump with a high flow rate.  The flow rate is measured in terms of Gallons per minute (GPM).

Power cord – we need to choose the power cord length and connection type in our pumps. Because in few operations like inflating rafters in swimming pools a lengthy power cord is required keep the water away from the pump.


Let us look into the various applications of these type of pump.

They are used mainly to inflate the vehicle tires. People whose job requires a lot of travel are usually advised to carry an air pump. Air pumps help in saving the time, money and labor. Sales people always travel with an electric pump.

Vacuum cleaners – they are used to suck the air in the suction side and clean away our floors by trapping the dirt particles inside a chamber.

Aerating purposes – air pumps are used for aerating waters in the aquariums, small ponds with the help of the air stones.

They are used as gas compressors in powering the air horn and pneumatic tools.

They can be used for blowing up the camp houses, kayak, rafters, kids’ toys and sports balls for fun activities and during the vacation times.

Shoe pump – Reebok has made small pump in their shoes so that they can provide the cushioning effect in the required place in our foot The cushioning effect helps while running, walking. They are used for improving the customer`s comfort.

Brands and Prices

Some of the leading electric air pump manufacturers are Aeronox Pumps, Elgi Power Equipment, Qianhu Aquastar Pvt. Ltd., Intex Pumps and Tapflo Pumps.

Their price varies from 25$ to 50$ to around a higher price range of 200$ to 500$. Electric air pumps have become one of the essential components in our homes for inflating beds, sofas, tires, sports balls, rafters, swimming tubes, etc.

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