Gas Powered Water Pump Guides and Reviews

The gas powered water pump articles provides guidance and review about different types, qualities, durabilities, and prices. This pump uses the artificial lift method of pumping water. The artificial lift method is done by introducing the gas bubbles, water vapor or compressed air in the outlet tube. 

In artificial lift technique, the compressed air or gas molecules are used to lift the fluid. The compressed air or gas molecules reduce the hydrostatic pressure at the outlet, and the fluid or water is transferred by the pump.  

Gas powered water pumps are used to pump water from the deep wells for a broad range of conditions. These pumps are used to lift the water in the dredging process and underwater archeology survey. They also help in the water circulation in the aquariums and lift the water in the mines.

Gas Powered Water Pump Types

Gas powered water pump is classified into three categories based on their application and the kind of the operation.

Dewatering pumps – They are standard pumps used to displace the water. They are used to transfer the water across the reservoirs and drain water from the pond. These pumps are used to move water in a rapid time.

Trash pumps – These pumps are used to pump the water with the debris or solid wastes mixed. They are used mainly in the chemical and agricultural purposes. They can be used with the stingy water in our backyards with leaves and other wastes mixed.

PTO pumps – PTO pumps are the power transmission pumps. This pump is powered by the tractor engine and is mostly used in the agricultural need. Tractors are mostly powered by the gas engines.


A gas powered water pump is selected based on the various factors from performance parameters to the operating conditions which can be seen in the below paragraph.

Capacity or flow rate – the amount of water that can be pumped in a certain time frame. It is measured in the terms of volume per unit time. They can be expressed in Gallons per minute (GPM). 

Power – The amount of energy required for the effective pump operation. It is expressed as Horse power (HP). Pumps are powered by gas molecules, compressed air, etc.  or powered by the gas engine as in PTO pumps.

Head – the vertical distance up to which the water needs to be pumped. It is measured in terms of distance as feet. Maximum head is the distance at which the water output becomes zero and pump is not more able to pressurize the water.

Water quality – We need to assess the quality of the water that is being transferred We have to check if it is clean or mixed with solid wastes, sewage or slurries. And we have to choose a right kind of the pump for operation depending on water quality as dewatering pump or trash pump.

Tubing size – We need to give a correct tubing size based on our requirement. Tubing size plays an important role in the pressure maintenance and the operation parameters of the pump. A 4” tubing may drain the required quantity of the water 4 times faster than a 1” tubing.


Gas powered water pump is used in a wide range of applications due to their ability to pump the fluids with the solid wastes and slurries. They can evacuate the water in a rapid time. Let us look at the few applications where these pumps are used.

  • Transfer the water to the fields in agriculture.
  • Transfer water and mix with the other fluids in the chemical industries.
  • To move the hot water in coffee brewers.
  • Sewage water removal 
  • Lift seawater in the ocean thermal energy plants.
  • Pump water in the suction dredging for archaeological survey.

Brands and Prices

Gas powered water pumps are mainly manufactured by German-Rupp pumps, Absolute Water Pumps Inc., Honda power equipment Ltd. and Powerflo Equipment Ltd. Their price depends on the type of pump, their application, and size, etc.

Dewatering pumps cost about 200$ to 800$ and can only be used to transfer water across different mediums. Trash pumps are expensive, and the cost is in the range of 800$ - 2500$ and have the ability to transfer the fluid mixed with dirt and solid particles.

They are rugged in construction. PTO pumps need special equipment such as the couplers to transfer power from the tractors. These couplers must be easily attachable and detachable. They cost in the price range from 300$ to 1000$.

Honda power equipment Ltd. provides pumps mainly for dewatering and commercial applications. They manufacture submersible multi-purpose pumps. They provide pumps with only discharge range from 50 GPM to 400 GPM.

Powerflo equipment Ltd. is one of the global suppliers of displacement pumps for the industrial applications. They also design customized pumps for our specific needs. They also provide the pump accessories and replacement parts.

Absolute water pumps are a distributor of gas pumps. They provide dewatering pumps, trash pumps, and PTO pumps. They mainly sell German-Rupp pumps, Subaru Pumps, Power horse pumps and Champion pumps.

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