Paint Inspection and Test Plan

This content provides you with a sample paint inspection and test plan. This ITP is general and you need to modify it to be suitable for your paint vendor inspection requirements.

You must add 3 more columns in following ITP, one for identifying of the manufacturing standards or vendor specifications , the second one for acceptance criteria and the third one for identification of verifying documents.

Your acceptance criteria must meet manufacturing standard as well as paint vendor own specifications.

Verifying documents refer to the documents that prove the required inspection and tests have been done in paint manufacturing process. 

Paint Inspection and Test Plan TaskVendorTPI InspectionClient
Concering test according to SSPC and requisition for paint propertyHWR
Color coding and marking packageHWR
Documentation review prior to release(Final activity of Technical Inspection)HHR
Pre-shipment InspectionHHR

H: Hold Point implies that relevant production activities shall not proceed until the continuation of work is permitted by Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

W: Witness point implies that Purchaser intends to witness the designated inspection feature. If Purchaser decides not to witness the relevant feature, production can proceed without permission of Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

R: Review inspection & test records (Notification not req'd)

Most of paint purchasers decide to do pre-shipment inspection instead of paint vendor inspection. So in this kind of assignment, the pre-shipment inspection company must pay more attention in the review of quality control records.

The quality control record must be reviewed against pain manufacturing standards. These documents must cover all test records in manufacturing process and final test records.

Paint pre-shipment inspection must cover quantity check, quality check, packing and marking inspection.

Loading inspection must be done if a loading inspection is specified in the paint purchase order or in the letter of credit. The paints storing condition also must be considered in loading inspection. It must be check against containers physical condition and based on the paint handing and transport requirements. 

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