API 653 Refresher Training Course

I4I Academy provides API 653 Refresher Training Course (Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector) to earn 16 hours credit for API CPD hours to renew API 653 Storage Tank Inspector Certificate. 

The I4I Academy's API 653 Refresher Course  (Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector) is an essential program specifically tailored for API 653 certificate holders aiming to renew their certification. Recognizing the need for continuous professional development, this course provides the requisite 16 hours of API CPD hours required for certification renewal.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in a comprehensive review of critical API standards, including API 650, API 653, API 571, API 576, API 577, API 651, and API 652. Designed to refresh and deepen understanding, the course ensures that professionals are up-to-date with the latest practices and standards in aboveground storage tank inspection, ensuring their skills remain sharp and relevant in the field.

This refresher course is an excellent opportunity for API 653 certificate holders to reinforce their knowledge and expertise, maintaining the high standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency in their professional roles.

One-Time Payment 199.00 USD 

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