Online API 580 Training Course with Money Back Guarantee - Risk Based Inspection 

I4I Academy provides online API 580 training course (Risk Based Inspection) for Exam Preparation and is available worldwide.
With our money-back guarantee, if you fail to pass your API 580 exam, we will refund your money back to you, no questions asked. However, you must perform all course assignments!

API 580 risk based inspection training

Online API 580 Training Course - Risk Based Inspection

The package includes: 

  • Pass the API 580 Exam on First Try 
  • Video session 
  • 500 Flashcards
  • 200 Practice Exam Question (Practice mode) 
  • Timed mock up exam (2 exams)  Similar to API 580 Exam (unlimited try) 
  • Online Comfort, log on and work on the course whenever you want
  • 30 Hours PDH (Profesional Development Hour) Toward 9 Year Certificate Renewal for American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors 
  • 30 Hours CDP (Continuing Professional Development) Hour Toward 3 year API 510, API 570, and API 653 Recertification (Applicable after Jan 2023)
  • 30 Hours Training credit Toward 6-Year Certificate Renewal for Candian Welding Bureau Certified welding Inspectors 
  • Instructor Support (If help needed during the study)
  • 4 Month Access
  • I4I Academy Certificate 
  • 48 Hours Money Back Guarantee

When you complete video session and flashcards, you will answer the questions for each practice exam. The system lets you know if your answer is correct or wrong and provides you with a code reference that question being taken. (practice mode)

You are going to take  2 timed mock-up exam similar to API 580 exam. Each exam with 100 questions and with3.25 hours.  You can take the exam multiple times until you pass the exam. 

This online API 580 training course with the video training session, flashcards and practice exam questions will prepare you to take the API 580 - Risk Based Inspection Exam and pass the test.

Question? Contact I4I Academy, or Call 1 (949) 383-0564

One-Time Payment  349.00 USD

Any problem with the enrollment process? If the credit card payment fails, let us know to fix it. Contact Us!

I4I Academy Certificate for API 580 Training Course

API 580 Training Course

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