Corrective Action Plan Template

This content provides you with a corrective action plan template for industrial plant construction projects. It includes corrective actions in shop and site manufacturing and construction activities.

1. Introduction

The XXX Company has been contracted by the XXX to conduct the EPC for XXX Project. This Project includes offshore facilities, platform and undersea pipelines, and onshore facilities for the processing of the reservoir fluid.

2. Project Overview


3. Corrective Action Plan Template - General

3.1 Purpose

This procedure prescribes the action (corrective action), with related responsibilities and authorities to document and record, to close out the non-conformance reports (NCR) and to eliminate the cause of nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence.

3.2 Scope

This procedure applies to the corrective action for the nonconformities relating to the Quality Management System and Materials for XXX onshore facilities, covering engineering, procurement and Construction activities.

3.3 Definitions

Company: XXX Owner

Contractor: XXX EPC Contractor

Subcontractor: The company or organization engaged by the CONTRACTOR to perform the works

Non conformity: Non-fulfillment of a requirement

Corrective action: Action taken to eliminate the causes of a detected nonconformity or other undesirable situation.

Quality Manager: Manager of Site Quality Department

CAR: Corrective Action Request

NCR: Non-conformities are defined as non-fulfillment of specified requirement of project specifications and developments

3.4 Referenced Documents

XXX Project Quality Plan Document

XXX Audit Procedure

ISO 9001 – 2010 Quality management system - Requirements

3.5 Conflict

In case of conflict between this procedure and the above referenced documents, the most stringent shall apply.

3.6 Responsibility and Authority

3.6.1 The Project Quality Manager is responsible for assuring that condition adverse to quality or nonconformance is promptly identified and corrected for approving and closing out by Corrective Action Request (CAR).

3.6.2 The QA/QC Engineer is responsible for preparing the Corrective Action Request (CAR) and distributing to responsible organization and evaluating CAR responses, conducting verification of corrective action implementation, and closing or rejecting CAR response.

4. Corrective Action Plan Template - Corrective Action

4.1 Basic Activities

The following are the basic activities of Corrective Action Close Out:

1. Reviewing nonconformities “NCR Sheets” (including Company complaints),

2. Determining the cause of nonconformities,

3. Evaluating the need for action to ensure that nonconformities do not recur,

4. Determining and implementing the action needed,

5. Maintaining records,

6. Reviewing the corrective action taken,

7. Reporting / Notification.

8. Close out of the related NCR by Contractor /Company.

4.2 Procedures for Corrective Action

The Quality Manager, as person responsible, shall prepare the request for corrective action, based on the relevantly opened NCR, and will forward it to the concerned Manager.

All corrective actions required and subsequent investigations in the form of concessions, waivers, defect reports etc., that impinges on or related to Company requirements shall be issued to Company for approval. The Quality Manager as the lead in Corrective Actions process shall confirm with Field Engineering and / or Designers that the proposed correction is technically acceptable.

Where changing of staff or subcontractors becomes necessary, the local labour law and contract conditions procedures shall be strictly followed.

The Manager who has a nonconforming product (material or workmanship out of specification or tolerance) for which he is responsible or nonconformity relevant to implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) (documentation or information flow) shall perform the following:

1. Take timely corrective action which shall be appropriate to eliminate the Effects of the non-conformities encountered.

2. Quarantine non-conforming material to ensure it cannot be incorporated in the works.

3. Agree a completion schedule for the Corrective Action.

4. Record the status and the results of action taken.

5. Report and notify the Quality Manager when actions are complete.

5. Review of the Effectiveness of Corrective Action

The Section Manager shall verify the effectiveness of the Corrective Action taken and report to the Quality Manager. The Quality Manager and Field Manager shall review the effectiveness of Corrective Action taken for the nonconformity of product and implementation of Quality Management System (QMS).

6. Corrective Action Plan Template - Records

6.1 Management of Corrective Action

The Quality Assurance Manager shall ensure that the status and results of corrective action taken in the project are monitored, documented and reported to the Project Manager. Copies of closed out Corrective Action Requests shall be attached to the relevant NCR and submitted to Company for review and close out of the relevant NCR.

Upon identification of a deviation or non-conformance, the corrective actions required shall be logged and analyzed statistically to determine the root cause of occurrence.

6.2 Preservation of Corrective Action Records

Original records of corrective actions and their follow-up activities shall be preserved and maintained, as quality records, by the Quality Manager, sequentially numbered as they occur.

The serial number of each CAR shall be the same as the relevant NCR.

7. Corrective Action Plan Template - Improvement and Close Out

7.1 Input for Improvement of the Quality Management System The Quality Manager shall obtain information on the performance of corrective actions taken by the departments or sections of the project, determine whether or how the actions are related to the continual improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS), report to the Site/Shop Manager (SM) who shall ensure that the relevant Management Procedures and Technical Standards are revised, once the effectiveness of the action taken is proven.

7.2 Preventative Actions

When the root cause of the non-conformance may potentially reoccur, the steps required to eliminate problems shall be determined and, where required, procedures shall be revised and submitted to Company for approval in order to prevent further occurrences. Continual assessments of construction methods and procedures will be undertaken mindful of site conditions and skill of personnel. Construction methods will be changed, if a more appropriate method is uncovered, and personnel trained or re-trained as required.

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