Establishment Inspection Report 

The Establishment Inspection Report article provides you information about the inspection visit report preparation after goods inspection or preshipment inspection.

Inspection Report

When the third party or second party inspector did inspection on the equipment must supply the report to his customer.

Please note we will discuss about inspection report which normally generated in goods inspection or in preshipment inspection.

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Vendor Inspection

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Inspection Visit Report (IVR) is necessary to be provided by Third Party Inspection Company when there is LC between buyer and seller and LC mandated the preshipment inspection to be done.

The inspection visit report must be in the inspection company letterhead and signed and stamped by inspection company inspector and supervisor.

The Inspection Visit Report also is necessary when buyer and seller decide to have third party inspector or second party inspector but deal through T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) method.

The number of Inspection Visit Reports depends to the equipment Inspection and Test plan (ITP).

For one consignment might be only 1 visit and 1 inspection visit report for other with different scope we may have more than 15 inspection visits and reports.

Establishment Inspection Report - A good inspection visit report must contain following information:

  1. Inspection Report No. and Date
  2. Inspection Notification No. and Date
  3. Statement which shows the inspection is PSI or Shop Inspection
  4. Client and Supplier Names
  5. Inspection Order File No.
  6. Proforma Invoice No. (PI No.)
  7. Purchase Order No. (PO No.)
  8. Letter of Credit No. (LC No.)
  9. Project Title
  10. Statement which shows the report is interim report, final report or loading supervision report
  11. Description of goods as per LC, contract or PO
  12. Custom Tariff Code No. and Country of origin
  13. Vendor Name and address
  14. Contact persons information
  15. Inspection Place and Date of Inspection
  16. Inspection Place, statement which shows the inspection carried out indoor, outdoor or in the port
  17. Means of transport i.e. by truck, vessel, rail, air, or combined
  18. Statement which shows the transshipment is allowed or not allowed
  19. Statement which shows the partial shipment is allowed or not allowed
  20. Statement which shows the scope of inspection as per quality control plan or inspection and test plan
  21. Statement which shows the quality check is full, sampling or random check and its basis is visual, document review or witness test
  22. Statement which shows quantity check is full, sampling or random check and it basis is tally, numbering or weight
  23. Statement which shows total gross weight and net weight
  24. Statement which shows the packing condition as per packing procedure, specification
  25. Statement which shows marking condition as per marking procedure, specification
  26. Statement which shows the supervision of loading is done or not done
  27. Statement which shows the applicable documents are used for inspection such as LC No., PI No., Contract No., PO No., ITP No., Quality Control Plan (QCP No.), Packing List No.( PL No.), Material Requsion / Bill of Material (MR/BOM), Standard and Codes
  28. Statement which shows the detail of inspection activities carried out as per scope
  29. Statement which shows the tools used for inspection with their calibration status
  30. Statement which shows the material, equipment or components inspected in current visit
  31. Statement which shows order quantity status i.e. the amount inspected and the amount remained for next visits
  32. Statement which shows any discrepancy and non-conformities
  33. Statement which shows the documents reviewed in the visit such as, test certificates, Drawing, datasheet, packing list, specifications and etc.
  34. Statement which shows the order is completed or not completed
  35. Statement which shows the inspection result or conclusion such as Satisfactory, Reject, Conditional, NCR identified, Placed on Hold and etc.
  36. Statement which shows the attendees with their names, companies and titles
  37. Statement which shows inspection visit travelling mileage and time
  38. Statement which shows inspector and inspector supervisor names and signatures
  39. Photographs and attachments

Establishment Inspection Report - Release Note

If the inspection result was satisfactory, then the third party inspection company can issue the inspection release note which authorizes the manufacture to ship the goods.

But if the loading supervision was in the scope the manufacture must notify Inspection Company for loading witness.

Following Document need to be supplied for issuance of Release Note:

  • Letter of Credit (L.C) & all amendments,
  • Porforma Invoice (P.I)
  • Purchase Order (P.O)
  • Packing List (P.L)

When the shipment is done, and manufacture sent the shipping document to the third party inspection company, then inspection company will issue the certificate of inspection.

For more details, review the Certificate of Inspection article.


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