Finished Goods Inspection

The finished goods inspection article provides you information about second or third party inspection activities, which are done to confirm that the finished equipment is to the same specification stated in the purchase order.

Finished Product Inspection

The scope of work for the inspection of finished goods is very similar to the goods inspection.

Please review the Goods Inspection article with following content.

Assume a buyer wants to purchase 250 globe valves with the following specification from a valve manufacture:

Globe Valve; Bolted Bonnet, 6 inch, 300 Ib, RF WCB

The construction code for these valves is API Specification 6D (Pipeline Valve) so the inspection and test plan must be based on this code, as well as the API Standard 598 (Valve Inspection and Testing).

Finished Goods Inspection - summery of the inspection and test that must be done based on the above codes requirements

  • Chemical analysis and mechanical test of materials
  • X-ray inspection on cast parts
  • Surface defect inspection
  • Valve shell hydrostatic test
  • Hydrostatic seat test
  • Air seat test
  • Visual dimensional inspection
  • Performance test (operational test)
  • Painting inspection
  • Packing, Marking and Loading inspection

It is the responsibility of the valve manufacturer to carry out all of the above inspections either by designating a third party inspector or by waiving the witness of inspection.

So when the buyer waives to witness the above test and only designate a third party inspector for finished goods inspection, the inspector will attend to the manufacture shop and will do following activities:

  • Document Review on quality control records for the above mentioned inspection and tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Packing, marking and loading inspection

So this is the goods inspection with a min scope of inspection. But in real practice, the buyer and manufacturer confirm to designate an independent third party inspector to witness some of the above important tests such as the valve shell hydrostatic test, seat test, air seat test and performance test.

Sometimes they agree to carry out the witness by a third party Inspection Company with some percentage, for example 10%, then the inspector will witness 25 of the above valves inspections and tests and will review the quality control documents for the rest of the valves.


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