Gas Turbine Generator Testing (FAT Test) 

The gas turbine generator testing is performed after successful completion of the assembly at the manufacturing shop. 

Gas Turbine Generator Testing - Routine Testing List

Gas Turbine Generator Testing
  1. Generator No-Load Current and Losses Test
  2. Phase Sequence Test
  3. Windings DC resistance measurement
  4. Generator full load heat run (measurement of temperature rise and winding insulation resistance before and after heat run)
  5. Full load wave analysis
  6. Voltage and current phase balance
  7. Rotor balancing test (during manufacture)
  8. Overspeed test (120% for 2 min)
  9. Overload test (110% for 2 hours)
  10. Generator vibration measurement
  11. Temperature rise test
  12. Bearing temperature rise at no load and full load
  13. Efficiency at 100% load, 75% load, 50% load at rated power factor
  14. Generator sustained short circuit tests 
  15. Dielectric tests
  16. Windings insulation resistance test and voltage withstand test
  17. Insulation resistance test on all windings heaters, RTD's. etc.
  18. Test on batteries and chargers 
  19. Tests on all auxiliary devices
  20. Noise level tests

Generator Control Panels and Bus Ducts Tests

  1. Dielectric test of main and auxiliary circuits
  2. Test of mechanical operation
  3. Test of electric operation of auxiliary circuits, check synchronizing, simulated auto/manual transfer sequence and interlocks, etc.
  4. Voltage transformer and current transformer ratio and polarity check
  5. Protection relay secondary injection
  6. Bus-duct temperature rise test
  7. Bus-duct high voltage test


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