Hydrant Inspection and Test Plan 

This content provides you with a general Hydrant Inspection and test plan. You need to modify this hydrant and monitor ITP based your purchase order requirements.

Monitor and Hydrant Inspection and Test Plan TaskVendorTPI InspectionClient
Materials (Dimensions, marking and test certificates)HRR
Storage of Materials and welding consumablesHWR
Visual and dimensional inspectionHWR
Hydrostatic testHHR
Leakage testHWR
Function testHHR
Explosion-proof certificate when specifiedHWR
Final visual inspection (includ Painting, coating, preservation, lining, picking, nameplate, tagging, marking, Auxiliary items like spare parts, bolts,etc.)HHR
Documentation review prior to release(Final activity of Technical Inspection)HHR
Pre-shipment InspectionHHR

Hydrant Inspection and Test Plan Points

H: Hold Point implies that relevant production activities shall not proceed until the continuation of work is permitted by Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

W: Witness point implies that Purchaser intends to witness the designated inspection feature. If Purchaser decides not to witness the relevant feature, production can proceed without permission of Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

R: Review inspection & test records (Notification not req'd)

This ITP is a general ITP and must be modified based the construction code requirements as well as purchaser order specification.

You need to add three more columns in above table. In one column you must identify construction code or vendor specification, in second one acceptance criteria and in the third column the verifying document.

Acceptance criteria must be determined based the specific code section or vendor specification. Verifying documents are quality control records, WPS, PQR, test records, test procedures, packing lists, etc.

The determination of hold or witness points depends  to the purchaser decision. Some prefer to consider stringent scope and have more hold points, the others may consider more witness points or even review points.

The inspection scope also depends to the inspection budget.


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