Inspection and Test Plan for Steam Turbine 

This page provides a sample inspection and test plan for steam turbine which is used in the steam turbine shop inspection. 

steam turbine inspection and test plan

Inspection and Test Plan for Steam Turbine

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The API 611/612 standard requirements normally are applied for inspection and test plan in manufacturing shop.

The witness of some inspection and test by third party inspector is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Some others must only monitored and fully witnessing is not necessary, for these thing, the inspection man-days etc. depends to the purchaser decision, some prefer stringent monitoring and even assign resident inspector in manufacturing shop and some others relay to quality control system of the manufacture and assign only few days for monitoring points.

These are some of inspection points which need to be witnessed, monitored and reviewed by third party inspector in Steam Turbine manufacture shop.

Inspection and Test Plan for Steam Turbine - Important Points

  • Steam Turbine casings to be identified against foundry test certificates and thicknesses checked to conform to approved drawings.
  • Witnessing hydrostatic test on Steam Turbine casing, Steam chest, Emergency stop valves and Governor Valves.
  • For steam turbine impellers, welding procedure and welder`s qualifications to be established and impellers to be inspected before assembly by Vendor and certificates need to be submitted with data-dossier in final documentation.
  • Ensuring that steam turbine overspeed tests on impellers/rotors have been carried out as well as dynamic balancing of impellers/rotors. Witness the dynamic balancing of the complete rotating assembly.
  • Witnessing leak test on lube oil tank and carry out internal and external inspection.
  • Inspection of prefabricated lube oil piping.
  • Witnessing steam turbine mechanical running tests, check all safety and alarm devise when contact instrumentation is fitted.
  • Fit-it Tests of spare rotors and mechanical running test.
  • Strip inspection of steam turbine on completion of running tests. To include examination of all running surface, checking of critical clearances, and examination of lube oil filters in the tests as specified.
  • Steam turbine gearing, pinion forgings and main wheel forgings or castings to be inspected at forge shop or foundry.
  • Any dynamic balancing of steam turbine gearing rotors to be witnessed by Vendor and certificates need to be submitted with data-dossier in final documentation.
  • Fabricated gear cases to be inspected at subsupllier`s works.
  • Light or full load running tests, as specified to be witnessed on gearing.
  • Inspection and final dimensional checking of gearing to be done on manufactur`s works.
  • Inspection of special purpose steam turbines shall be as specified in data sheets & specifications.


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