Inspection and Test Plan for Steel Structure 

The inspection and test plan for steel structure article provides you information about steel structure inspection and steel structure test in manufacturing shop and construction site.The draft Inspection and test plan for steel structure provided as well.

steel structure inspection and test plan

Steel structure inspection and tesing based on AWS d1.1 is covered in I4I Academy API Source Inspector Fixed Equipment Course

You may need to review this sheet in conjunction of Third Party Inspection for Steel Structure article.

The ANSI/AWS D1.1standard requirements normally are applied for inspection and test plan in steel structure manufacturing shop.

The witness of some inspection and test by third party inspector is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Some others must only monitored and fully witnessing are not necessary, for these thing, the inspection man-days etc. depends to the purchaser decision, some prefer stringent monitoring and even assign resident inspector in manufacturing shop and some others relay to quality control system of the manufacture and assign only few days for monitoring points.

These are some of inspection points which need to be witnessed, checked, monitored and reviewed by third party inspector in steel structure manufacture shop

Inspection and Test Plan for Steel Structure - Important Points

.Raw material inspection, certificate examination and material identification

  • Cleanliness and fit up of weld preparation
  • Tacking up welds of good appearance
  • Welding process approved
  • Welders properly qualified
  • Test coupons compiled where necessary
  • NDE procedures properly applied and approved
  • Completed weld profiles are acceptable
  • Items have been prepared for coating as per specification requires
  • Proper records of surface preparation and coating build up have been kept
  • Paying particular attention to drying times/times between coats.
  • Painted surfaces are free from drips, runs and bare areas.
  • Dry film thickness measurements are checked.


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