Inspection and Test Plan for Water Tube Boiler 

This page provides a sample inspection and test plan for water tube boiler which is used in the water tube boiler shop inspection. 

Inspection and Test Plan for Water Tube Boiler

ITP for water tube boiler

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The ASME Code Section I requirements are normally applied for the inspection and test plan in a manufacturing shop. The witness of some inspection and testing by third party inspectors is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Some others must only be monitored and full witnessing is not necessary; for these items, the inspection man-days etc. depend on the purchaser’s decision. Some prefer stringent monitoring and even assign a resident inspector in the manufacturing shop, and others relay to the quality control system of the manufacturer and assign only a few days for monitoring points. These are some of the inspection points that need to be witnessed, checked monitored and reviewed by a third party inspector for a water tube boiler construction.

Inspection and Test Plan for Water Tube Boiler - Important Points

  • Inspection of drums as for vessels

  • Tubes to be inspected at mill

  • All mountings to be inspected and hydraulic tests witnessed at sub-supplier`s works

  • Checking test certificates for all materials and identify the same at Vendor`s works before start of fabrication

  • Checking fit-up and witness back chipping of well seams

  • Ensuring that welding procedure and welding electrodes as are qualified before start of fabrication and welding

  • Steel stacks to be finally inspected and dimensionally checked and spots for radiography to be selected, where applicable, and radiographs reviewed

  • Ducting to be inspected for quality of workmanship and spot-checked for dimensional accuracy

  • Shop hydrostatic test to be witnessed and final inspection to be carried out on fully assembled packaged boilers

  • Witnessing all tests applicable for steam generators

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