Motor Operated Valve Inspection and Test Plan 

This is a draft motor operated valve inspection and test plan. This is a sample motor operated valve ITP and you need to modify it based on your purchase order specifications.

Motor Operated Valve Inspection and Test Plan TaskVendorTPI InspectionClient
Material and Actuator Test CertificateHRR
Checking of characteristics including the following items as minimum: 1) Body, seat, stem, packing, accessories and actuator, 2) Check of material certificates for boday, trim, seat, plug, disc or ball, bolting, gasket/packingHWR
Non-destructive examination, when specifiedHRR
Pressure test of bodyHHR
Pneumatic test, when specifiedHWR
Seat leakage testHWR
Calibration testHWR
Performance/function testHHR
Stroke testHHR
Air failure testHWR
Linearity checkHWR
Response and stabilization time and hysteresisHWR
Insulation resistance testHWR
Final visual / Dimension InspectionHHR
Documentation review prior to release(Final activity of Technical Inspection)HHR
Pre-shipment InspectionHHR

Motor Operated Valve Inspection and Test Plan Points

H: Hold Point implies that relevant production activities shall not proceed until the continuation of work is permitted by Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

W: Witness point implies that Purchaser intends to witness the designated inspection feature. If Purchaser decides not to witness the relevant feature, production can proceed without permission of Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

S: Witness, but spot check basis. Initial operation will be witness point and subsequent operation will be witnessed at discretion of Purchaser considering the results of previous inspection. (Notification not req'd : Randam Inspection)

R: Review inspection & test records (Notification not req'd)

Type of Inspection by Motor Operated Valve Purchaser may be changed according to equipment criticality and vendor QC evaluation at job stage.


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