Quality Control Plan

This article provides information about vendor quality control plan, which is generated by material or equipment manufacturers. This plan collects all inspections and tests requirements from construction codes and standards and summarizes them in the simple table.

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The quality control plan is very similar to the inspection and test plan, but it is normally a little more detailed than the inspection and test plan.

The purchaser submits the inspection and test plan to the vendor. This plan is general, and in return, the vendor would submit the quality control plan, which is in greater detail.

Then the vendor would prepare the quality control plan in a such way as to meet the requirements of the inspection and test plan. This plan must be prepared based on the Instruction of Vendor Quality Control Manual.

There is a frequently asked question about this QC Plan: When the purchaser submits the inspection and test plan, why it is necessary that the vendor prepare and submit the quality control plan?

The answer: In most cases, the inspection and test plan is general, because the purchaser might not be aware of the details of the design and the characteristics of the equipment, and it is necessary that the vendor goes through the details and provides more information about the inspections and tests.

Quality Control Plan

Quality Control Plan - Example

Take for example a purchaser who submits an inspection and test plan to the centrifugal pump vendor and mandates for the witnessing of performance tests by a third party inspector.

So regarding to the design and characteristics of the pump, the vendor wants to do the performance test with specific method or in several steps, so all of these steps and process would be stated in the vendor QC Plan.

So this why it is necessary that the QC plan to be submitted by the vendor.

There is another alternative that is sometimes used by purchasers. They do not submit the inspection and test plan and ask the vendor to submit them the QC Plan; then they would comment or endorse the vendor QC Plan, which also would be considered the inspection and test plan.

Each activity in the quality control plan would have its own specific forms, which would need to be completed and signed by quality control personnel and endorsed by a third party inspection agency.

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These are prepared as guidelines for third party inspection, but can be used for quality control as well.

There are draft inspection and test plans in each page; you can download the draft sheet and study the quality control task for each equipment type.

The first column shows the responsibility of manufacturer quality control.


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