Tube Inspection and Test Plan

This content is provides you with a example tube inspection and test plan. This tube ITP is a general ITP and must be modified by tube purchasers. The construction standard and code is not specified in this ITP. This must be included in your Tube ITP. In addition you must add a column for acceptance criteria. The value in acceptance criteria must meet your construction standard. You need also another column to identify verifying documents.

These documents refer to the test reports and other quality control records. 

Tube Inspection and Test Plan TaskVendorTPI InspectionClient
Tube mill test reports(incl.heat treatment records,etc.)HHR
Tube Non-destructive testing (RT, UT, MT or PT)HWR
Tube heat treatment execution, if specifiedHWR
Tube metallographic examination, if applicableHWR
Tube visual and dimensional controlHWR
Tube hydrostatic test, if applicableHWR
Tube Painting, coating, marking and color coding checkHWR
Tube Final visual inspection (including pickling, tagging, marking)HHR
Tube Documentation review prior to release(Final activity of Technical Inspection)HHR
Tube Pre-shipment InspectionHHR

Tube Inspection and Test Plan Points

H: Hold Point implies that relevant production activities shall not proceed until the continuation of work is permitted by Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

W: Witness point implies that Purchaser intends to witness the designated inspection feature. If Purchaser decides not to witness the relevant feature, production can proceed without permission of Purchaser. (Notification req'd)

R: Review inspection & test records (Notification not req'd)

Selecting of hold point, witness point or review point depend to the tube buyer decision. The order quantity is also a important factor in inspection level determination. When the order is a big one, then higher inspection level will be considered by the buyers.

The inspection normally is done by the buyer designated inspection agency. The tube vendor submits the inspection notification and inspection body's inspector attends to vendor factory to witness the specified test or inspection.

The inspection agency is responsible to provide inspection visit report to the buyer and specifically determine the result of inspection.

when specified in purchase order, an inspection release note must be issued by the inspection agency and submitted to the tube vendor.

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