Approved Control Valve Manufacturers

This page lists the Approved Control Valve Manufacturers (vendors), also provides inspection and test advice to the Control Valve purchasers buying from vendors, suppliers and distributors.

These vendors have not been evaluated directly by this website, only the manufacturers have been listed here, which they have already assessed and listed in several approved vendor list in some well-known engineering companies.

If you need to use following approved vendor list, you need to carry out your own Pre-qualification assessment.

You may select the type of your control valve and view our approved vendor list through following links:

3 Way Control-Valve Manufacturers

Ball Control-Valve Manufacturers

Cryogenic Control-Valve Manufacturers

Butterfly Control-Valve Manufacturers

Control-Valve Actuator Manufacturers

Eccentric Plug Control-Valve Manufacturers

Globe Control Valve Manufacturers

Low CV Control-Valve Manufacturers

Notch Control-Valve Manufacturers


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