Third Party Inspection Companies in Italy | Vendor Inspection Services

Inspection 4 Industry LLC, as one of Third Party Inspection companies in Italy provides vendor inspection servicesthird party inspection services, welding & coating inspection services. Our Italian Vendor third party Inspectors are highly qualified, competent, and their average experience of our is 20 years, and they have performed hundreds of similar assignments. 

Third Party Inspection Companies in Italy | Vendor Inspection Services


Inspection 4 Industry LLC is providing various Source Inspection / Vendor Third Party Inspection Services and expediting services (Vendor Surveillance) on-site, offshore and at vendor facilities during manufacture, fabrication, installation and operational testing. These services cover Fixed Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Instruments, Assembled Packages (Skid Mounted Units), OCTG Products and Drilling and Completion Equipment, etc.

The Third Party Inspection, i.e. Vendor Inspection services and Commodity Inspection in Italy are used by Italian or Non-Italian buyers to be sure the equipment and material they have ordered have the same quality and quantity which are stated in their purchase orders.


Sometimes using the services of inspection agencies in Italy are mandated by the terms of the Letter of Credits and bank requirements.

The activities of third party inspection agencies / Vendor Inspection companies in Italy can be categorized as below:

  • The Purchaser and seller (vendor, manufacturer, supplier) both are in Italy
  • The purchaser is out of Italy and seller (vendor, manufacturer, supplier) is in Italy
  • The purchaser is in Italy and seller (vendor, manufacturer, supplier) is out of Italy

In the first and second items the inspection will be done inside of Italy and in the third one in outside of Italy i.e. Europe, America and etc.

Other Services:

  • Technical Staffing
  • Online Video Training

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The Inspection 4 Industry LLC provides Source Inspection Services (Vendor Inspection Services) Globally. 

USAGermany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, AustriaFinland, Denmark, NorwayTurkey, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,  Saudi Arabia, UAE


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