Material Inspection Receiving Report

The Material Inspection Receiving Report provides you information about incoming material inspection at the shop and site.

This report applies in shop and site inspections and controls all incoming materials to the shop and site for construction.

For more information on shop and site inspection, please review the Industrial Inspection System article.

As soon as equipment and material are delivered at shop/site, the receiving inspection must be performed by the material controller. After the receiving inspection, the material controller shall prepare the Material Receiving Report.

If any loss, damage or quality faults are found, a Shortage/Damage or Non-conformity Report shall be made and reported to the shop/site manager using a " Shortage/Damage or Nonconformity Report”.

This report is tabulated form and contain following information:

  • Proforma Invoice No.:
  • Purchase Order No.:
  • Inspection Notice No.:
  • Location:
  • Item No.:
  • Material Description:
  • Condition of Packing: Good ( ), Not Good ( ), Remark:
  • Condition of Contents: Good ( ), Not good ( ), Remark:
  • Quality of Contents: Good ( ), Not good ( ), Remark:
  • Spare of Contents:
  • Comments and Recommendations:
  • Distribution of Report to:Material controlling, Project planning, production/ site management

When there is non-conformance in received material, the material must be marked or tagged. A non-conformance report showing the cause and recommended corrective action must be prepared by quality control/inspector.

Minor nonconformance might be accepted by the shop/site authority. For major non-conformities, the material may either be returned or corrected by approved repair procedure.

Required inspection in sufficient details must be done during the execution of repairs.

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