Approved Vendor List

This content provides you with our approved vendor list (Manufacturers lists), also provides you with inspection and test advice when you are buying from vendors, suppliers and distributors.

The engineering companies, oil, gas and chemical companies have their own Prequalification process to add a vendor to their approved vendor list.

Generally, the following steps need to be fulfilled for the listing of a vendor to the industrial manufacturers' list:

  • Application of Vendor from Company
  • Filling the Standard Forms of Company with required attached documents
  • Review the completed form by the Company
  • Vendor Shop Audit (if necessary)
  • Rating and Ranking of the Vendor by Company
  • Adding to the Approved Vendor List if vendor achieved minimum Score

If a vendor is added to the approved vendor list, after the first inquiry, they will be invited for participation.

The following links provide you with the list of approved vendors in each category. These vendors have not been evaluated directly by this website. Only the manufacturers have been listed here which they have already been assessed and listed in several approved vendor lists by some well-known engineering companies.

These approved vendor lists will be much more useful to the purchasers, buyers, suppliers and procurement departments of engineering companies and industrial companies to identify available manufacturers.

In addition, some information about third party inspection has been provided for each equipment type, which is needed to be considered by purchasers.

This approved vendor list is entirely informative, and this website does not guarantee their quality, on-time delivery, etc.

If you need to use the following approved vendor list, you must carry out your own Pre-qualification assessment. We emphasise that these manufacturers are listed here only because they are already assessed by several well-known engineering companies and are listed on their approved vendor list.

There are almost 250 approved vendor list here, checking one by one might be difficult, but you may use the “Control F” key to enter your search term and find your needed vendor list.

Or use following search box:

Approved Vendor List for Fix Equipment Manufacturers

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Manufacturers,

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Manufacturers,

High temperature Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturers,

Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Manufacturers,

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturers,

Storage Tank Heater Manufacturers,

Valve Manufacturers,

Ball and Plug Valve Manufacturers,

Bronze Valve Manufacturers,

Butterfly Valve Manufacturers,

Catalyst Tight Valve Manufacturers,

Choke Valve Manufacturers,

Cryogenic Flanged Gate Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers,

Deluge Valve Manufacturers,

Double Block and Bleed Valve Manufacturers,

Forged Gate Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers,

Forged Small Gate Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers,

Gas Tight Valve Manufacturers,

Gate Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers,

Large Cast Gate Globe and Check Valve Manufacturers,

Pressure and Safety Relief Valve Manufacturers,

Slide and Sluice Valve Manufacturers,

Wafer Check Valve Manufacturers,

Carbon Steel Fitting Manufacturers,

Carbon Steel Flange Manufacturers,

Stainless Steel Fitting Manufacturers,

Cooling Tower Manufacturers,

Crane Manufacturers,

Bolt and Nut Manufacturers,

Cartridge Filter Manufacturers,

Separator and Filter Manufacturers,

Strainer and Filter Manufacturers,

Cathodic Protection Equipment Manufacturers,

Pressure Vessel Manufacturers,

Column Tray and Internal Manufacturers,

Column Tray and Packing Manufacturers,

Direct Fire Air Heater Manufacturers,

Fired Heater Manufacturers,

Gas Preheater and Air Preheater Manufacturers,

Heat Recovery Steam Generator Manufacturers,

Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers,

Heavy Wall Reactor Manufacturers,

Hydrogen Reformer Manufacturers,

Incinerator Manufacturers,

Sulfur Reaction Furnace Manufacturers,

Industrial Burner Manufacturers,

Inert Gas Generator Manufacturers,

Spherical Tank Manufacturers,

ERW Pipe Manufacturers,

GRP and GRE Pipe Manufacturers,

LSAW Pipe Manufacturers,

Seamless Pipe Manufacturers,

SSAW Pipe Manufacturers,

Titanium Pipe and Fitting Manufacturers,

Expansion Joint Manufacturers,

Flame Arrestor Manufacturers,

Flexible Joint Manufacturers,

Gasket Manufacturers,

Insulating Joint Manufacturers,

Loading Arm Manufacturers,

Molecular Sieve Manufacturers,

Pig Launcher and Receiver Manufacturers,

Piping Slide Plate Manufacturers,

Refractory Lining Manufacturers,

Rupture Disk Manufacturers,

Spring Support Manufacturers,

Steam Trap Manufacturers,

Storage Tank Emergency and Rim Vent Manufacturers,

Storage Tank Sealing System Manufacturers,

Approved Vendor List for Rotary Equipment Manufacturers

Air Compressor Manufacturers,

Air Compressor Package Manufacturers,

Axial Compressor Manufacturers,

Centrifugal Compressor Package Manufacturers,

Diaphragm Compressor Manufacturers,

Process Gas Centrifugal Compressor Manufacturers,

Reciprocating Compressor Manufacturers,

Screw Compressor Manufacturers,

Vane Type Compressor Manufacturers,

Belt Conveyor Manufacturers,

Boiler Feed Water Pump Manufacturers,

Centrifugal Water Pump Manufacturers,

Cryogenic Submerged Pump Manufacturers,

Fire Fighting Pump Manufacturers,

Gear Pump Manufacturers,

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers,

Metering Pump Manufacturers,

Proportioning Pump Manufacturers,

Reciprocating Pump Manufacturers,

Refinery Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers,

Rotary Pump Manufacturers,

Sea Water Lift Pump Manufacturers,

Submerged Pump Manufacturers,

Submersible Pump Manufacturers,

Vertical Pump Manufacturers,

Screw Pump Manufacturers

Static Mixer Manufacturers,

Steam Turbine Manufacturers,

Diesel Engine Manufacturers,

Fan and Blower Manufacturers,

Fan Manufacturers,

Centrifugal Blower Manufacturers,

Mechanical Seal Manufacturers,

Rotating Drum Screen Manufacturers,

Approved Vendor List for Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Bus Duct Manufacturers,

Diesel Generator Manufacturers,

Electric Generator Manufacturers,

Gas Turbine Generator Manufacturers,

Electric Motor Manufacturers,

Low Voltage Electric Motor Manufacturers,

Low Voltage Explosion Proof Electric Motor Manufacturers,

Medium Voltage Electric Motor Manufacturers,

Medium Voltage Explosion Proof Electric Motor Manufacturers,

Switchgear Manufacturers,

Fix Low Voltage Switchgear Manufacturers,

Fix Medium Voltage Switchgear Manufacturers,

Withdrawable Low Voltage Switchgear Manufacturers,

Withdrawable Medium Voltage Switchgear Manufacturers,

Variable Speed Drive and Soft Starter Manufacturers,

Power Transformer Manufacturers,

Cable Accessory Manufacturers,

Power Cable Manufacturers,

Conduit and Fitting Manufacturers,

Electrical Heat Tracing Manufacturers,

Electrical Junction Box Manufacturers,

Industrial Electric Heater Manufacturers,

Industrial Plug and Socket Manufacturers,

Uninterrupted Power Supply Manufacturers,

UPS Battery Charger Manufacturers,

UPS Battery Manufacturers

Instrumental Equipment Manufactures

3 Way Control Valve Manufacturers,

Control Valve Manufacturers,

Ball Control Valve Manufacturers,

Block Manifold Manufacturers,

Cryogenic Control Valve Manufacturers,

Breather Valve Manufacturers,

Butterfly Control Valve Manufacturers,

Control Valve Actuator Manufacturers,

Eccentric Plug Control Valve Manufacturers,

Globe Control Valve Manufacturers,

Low CV Control Valve Manufacturers,

Notch Control Valve Manufacturers,

On Off Valve Actuator Manufacturers,

On Off Valve Manufacturers,

Catalyst Sampling System Manufacturers,

Conductivity Meter Manufacturers,

Control Panel Instrument Manufacturers,

Conventional Control Panel Manufacturers,

Mimic Control Panel Manufacturers,

Density Transmitter Manufacturers,

Desuperheater Instrument Manufacturers,

Emergency Vent Valve Manufacturers,

Filter Regulator Manufacturers,

Fire and Gas Detection System Manufacturers,

Fire Detector Manufacturers,

Flame Detector Manufacturers,

Gas Detector Manufacturers,

Heat Detector Manufacturers,

Smoke Detector Manufacturers,

Flow Meter Manufacturers,

Flow Switch Manufacturers,

Sight Flow Indicator Manufacturers,

Gas Analyser Manufacturers,

Gas Chromatography Lab Manufacturers,

Hydrogen Process Analyser Manufacturers,

Hydrogen Sulfide Analyser Manufacturers,

Infrared Analyser Manufacturers,

Moisture Analyser Manufacturers,

Oxygen Analyser Manufacturers,

Instrument Cable Accessories Manufacturers,

Instrument Cable Manufacturers,

Instrument Junction Box Manufacturers,

Instrument Tube and Fitting Manufacturers,

Instrument Valve Manufacturers,

Isolation Barrier and Amplifier Manufacturers,

Leak Detection System Manufacturers,

Level Gauge Manufacturers,

Level Switch Manufacturers,

Level Transmitter Manufacturers,

Lighting Fixture Manufacturers,

Limit Switch Manufacturers,

Manual Call Point Manufacturers,

Marshalling and Barrier Cabinet Manufacturers,

Motor Operated Valve Actuator Manufacturers,

Motor Operated Valve Manufacturers,

Needle Valve Manufacturers,

Nitrogen Package plant Manufacturers,

Orifice Flange and Plate Manufacturers,

PH Meter Manufacturers,

Pressure Gauge Manufacturers,

Pressure Reducing Valve Manufacturers,

Pressure Self Regulating Valve Manufacturers,

Pressure Switch Manufacturers,

Pressure Transmitter Manufacturers,

Proximity Switch Manufacturers,

Resistance Temperature Element Manufacturers,

Sight Glass Manufacturers,

Solenoid Valve Manufacturers,

Storage Tank Gauging System Manufacturers,

Temperature Gauge Manufacturers,

Temperature Self Regulating Valve Manufacturers,

Temperature Switch Manufacturers,

Temperature Transmitter Manufacturers,

Thermocouple Manufacturers,

Thermometer Manufacturers,

Thermowell Manufacturers,

Venturi Tube Manufacturers

Skid Mounted / Package Unit

Boiler Water Treatment Unit Manufacturers,

Chemical Injection Package Manufacturers,

Desalination Plant Manufacturers,

Dryer Package Manufacturers,

Oily Water Treatment Package Manufacturers,

Refrigeration Package Plant Manufacturers,

Sanitary Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers,

Vibration Monitoring System Manufacturers,

Raw Water Filter Manufacturers

Nitrogen Blanketing System Manufacturers

Industrial Inspection in Countries:

TPI in Germany, TPI in France, TPI in Belgium, TPI in Sweden, TPI in Switzerland, TPI in Netherlands, TPI in Italy, TPI in Spain, TPI in Austria, TPI in UK, TPI in Turkey, TPI in USA, TPI in Canada, TPI in Australia, TPI in China, TPI in India, TPI in Japan, TPI in South Korea, TPI in Malaysia, TPI in Singapore, TPI in Kuwait, TPI in Oman, TPI in Qatar, TPI in Pakistan, TPI in Saudi Arabia, TPI in UAE,

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