What is Nondestructive Testing Map? 

The Nondestructive testing map identifies NDE method and location of the application on the equipment sketch. This Map is provided by equipment manufacturer as part of quality control document. The NDE method, technique, and location of application is taken from the industry standards and agreed between the manufacturer and customer.

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The manufacturers work with the different customers and each customer has own NDE requirements. The NDE map assists both manufacturer quality control team and also customer inspector to understand what is the requirement for performing nondestructive testing.

Sometimes manufacturer does not provoide a separate sketch for NDE MAP and instead they indicate them on general assembly drawing.

Nondestructive Testing Map Example

The following sketch shows an NDE Map for the pressure vessel. Following NDE testing shall be performed:

nondestructive testing map

Please note, the NDE map only shows the location of the testing and type of test. The manufacturers normally send their standard NDE procedures to the customer for approval.

The NDE testing will be performed based on approved test procedures. The procedures indicate the procedural requirement e.g. equipment, material, calibration, etc. and acceptance criteria for testing