Vendor Inspection Companies

Review this article to understand how vendor inspection companies perform inspection and testing during manufacturing process.

These companies provide Third Party Independent Inspection in manufacturing shops. Vendor Inspection services refer to the services that are provided in different stages of productions.

This is a terminology that is widely used for industrial equipment inspection i.e. pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, boilers, heaters, pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, blowers, electric motors, generators, power transformers, etc.

Vendor Inspection Service Provider Companies normally are contracted by industrial equipment buyers. A buyer will provide its Inspection and Test Plan with its purchase order. The equipment vendor is also responsible to prepare and submit its quality control plan to the buyer.

This Quality Control Plan must meet all requirements of inspection and test plan. The content of QC plan and ITP is drafted from construction code and standard.

The plan has identified the responsibility of each party. It is responsibility of the vendor to inform purchaser designated vendor inspection company to attend to vendor shop and inspect related item.

Normally QC department of a vendor will check purchaser inspection and test plan and when reaches to a specific production stage that needs an inspection or test, then will notify vendor inspection agency in advance.

Vendor inspection agency then will dispatch a Competent TPI Inspector to the vendor shop to make necessary inspection or witnessing a specific test.  A flash report will be sent to the purchaser in same day of inspection and inform purchaser about result of inspection.

Formal Inspection Visit Report normally will be sent in 48 Hours after completion of inspection and test. If there is non-conformity; then it is responsibility of the inspector to issue a Non-Conformity Report.

These inspection visits might be done several times for the each equipment on its construction process. When all inspections and tests have been completed by satisfactory results, then vendor inspection company can issue an Inspection Release Note.

There are several checks before issuing an inspection release note. A Vendor inspection agency will check all inspection visit reports against vendor inspection notifications and equipment inspection and test plan to see if all mandated inspections and tests have been conducted by satisfactory results.

It is necessary that vendor submit the equipment or materials packing list for issuing of inspection release note. The purchase order number, proforma invoice number and packing list number must be stated in inspection release note.

Vendor inspection procedures refer to documents that explain and describe inspection and test methods for each equipment type. These procedures explain how to handle inspection process. The vendor inspection procedures are complementary document for inspection and test plan.

The inspection and test plan is summarized document and in one or two page lists all required inspections and also identify responsibility of each party i.e. vendor, third party inspector and client.

But vendor inspection procedure explains how to handle inspection process for each item that is listed in the inspection and test plan.

Vndeor Inspection Companies Tasks

Vendor inspection services include:

  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • WPS and PQR Review
  • Welder Performance Qualification Review
  • NDE Personnel Qualification Review
  • Welding Inspection
  • PWHT Report Review
  • Hydro-static Testing Witness
  • Functional Test Witness
  • Mechanical Running Test witness
  • Performance Test Witness
  • Strip Down Inspection
  • Final Visual and Dimensional Inspection
  • Surface preparation and Painting Inspection
  • Final Quality Control Dossier Review
  • Packing and Marking Inspection
  • Etc.


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